Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

Affordable Housing

I am committed to making Grande Prairie a place where housing is affordable and suitable for all residents.

An Affordable Housing Strategy is a dynamic document that needs to be revisited from time to time, to adjust to the always evolving needs of a City of our size. It is time to update ours.

We can use the data from the existing (unapproved) document and engage the development and building community to come up with creative, sustainable plans.

The City should consider public-private partnerships and grants to builders when they might augment our inventory of affordable housing and provide long-term returns for investors. Current examples in Grande Prairie include The Cairn and the Helma Fletcher Building.

Affordable housing is a national issue, and we need to study the experience of similar communities to:

  • identify trends so we can anticipate future needs and avoid unintended consequences,
  • understand what works and what doesn’t,
  • incorporate best practices for affordability in planning, development, and building design standards (counterbalance density with design), and
  • set realistic targets with incremental change over time to ensure solutions are sustainable.