Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

Attracting Healthcare Professionals

I am committed to the City attracting and keeping the healthcare professionals we need to staff the new hospital and care for residents of the region. 

  • I  will Assist Alberta Health and AHS with their strategies and collaborate on meeting local needs.
  • I will have 1-1 meetings with key Alberta Health and AHS Officials to determine the key factors of attracting and retaining health care professionals in the region.

Based on the data collected from the points above, we can develop and implement a plan to:

1. allocate resources if the City can help address those gaps,

2. advocate to the Provincial and Federal Governments for any program or resources needed, for those solutions outside of the authority of the City, like credentialing and national/international moves,

3. collaborate with stakeholders on common needs to maximize the impact of our efforts,

4. assist in providing temporary housing if needed,

5. foster introduction and inclusion of individuals and families into the communityschool, sports, recreation, culture.

I’ve developed a longer-term Healthcare Sector Strategy that protects public healthcare while driving innovation to meet the needs of Grande Prairie and Region.