Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

Crime and Law Enforcement

We deserve to feel safe in our homes and on our streets. Putting resources into the most effective places is fundamental to addressing safety.

I’ll continue to support the City’s Policing Advisory Committee that I had the opportunity to sit on as a Council member. This Committee provides a platform for dialogue between RCMP, City Enforcement Services, and the public.

Two specific targets I’d like to RCMP to prioritize are:

  • reducing our score on the Crime Severity Index, and
  • targeting the most prolific offenders in our community.

I’m pleased with the Province’s announcement of a Drug Treatment Court in Grande Prairie, but there are other issues to address, including:

  • the unjust funding model,
  • the current Provincial review of policing, and
  • and funding for mental health and addictions prevention and treatment.

Police have a core mandate to address crime, but sometimes they are not the right resource to handle the issues that make us feel unsafe. I’m committed to bringing the community together to address threats to our wellbeing and will continue to explore solutions that will meet our City’s needs, like the Mobile Outreach Program (MOP).

The MOP team has responded to over 4600 calls so far in 2021 and made 3946 referrals to medical and mental health services, shelters, and addiction treatment, diverting calls that would otherwise have gone to police. I will continue to support investment in diversion and recovery.