Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

The City of Grande Prairie will be a responsible corporation that attracts investment to the region. 

Environment, Social, and Governance Strategy

Grande Prairie needs to address the increasing pressure on cities to develop stronger emphasis on environment, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. Increasingly,  companies are including ESG criteria as they look for their next investment opportunity, and Grande Prairie must meet their expectations or risk losing the prospect of becoming home to new industries, companies, and jobs.

ESG matters are a critical element to building a more sustainable city that can adapt to our rapidly-changing world, such as the evolution of technology, climate change, social equity, diversity and inclusion, and extreme events like COVID-19. 

As Mayor, I  will advocate for the City of Grande Prairie to define and promote ESG goals, 

and that we inspire our vendors and contractors to do the same.


What kind of impact does the City have on the environment? This can include our carbon footprint, toxic chemicals used in our facilities and on our streets, and sustainability efforts within our departments and in the community.


How do we improve our social impact within our borders and beyond? Social factors include everything from Indigenous reconciliation, LGBTQ+ equality, and racial diversity to inclusion programs and hiring practices. How does the City contribute to social good?


How does City Council and Administration drive positive change? Governance includes issues surrounding Codes of Conduct, fair employment and business practices, diversity in leadership as well as how well that leadership responds to and interacts with stakeholders.