Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

Regional Collaboration

Regional collaboration is utmost in my mind. Residents of the Peace Region don’t really care where the municipal boundaries are, but they do want value for taxes and access to jobs, recreation opportunities, and activities to enhance their lifestyles and social interactions. In many cases, these expectations can be met (and exceeded!) by working collaboratively with our regional partners (County of GP and MD of Greenview, etc.) 

As Mayor, I’m committed to laying the groundwork for successful collaboration.

  • City studies and plans (recreation, arts, culture, etc.) must include regional assets and mutual benefits as long-term plans are laid.
  • The Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (cost-sharing framework) between the City and the County will soon be in place. It will provide a basis for each municipality to better address their respective costs of facilities and services. Going forward, it is my belief that the work done this past term has revealed opportunities for collaboration that the municipalities can explore together with a deeper sense of mutual understanding.
  • A good approach can be to resume and expand conversation of the Tri-Municipal Partnership, and work on partnership opportunities with the County of GP in fringe areas around the City, where many residents cross borders on a daily basis.

We can go fast alone, but we can go further together  

(paraphrase of an African proverb)