Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

Revenue Diversification

The most effective way we have to reduce our reliance on residential tax base is to develop industrial land. We will build on our strengths as a diversified natural resource economy by focusing on value-added processing and emerging renewable energy trends.

 I am committed to supporting the initiatives already underway in the City, and by adding an ESG Strategy to attract emerging industries. 

  • DIG program (new tax base) – the introduction of the DIG program this past term will support the City’s Industrial Strategy to encourage new development in the City. By rebating new growth, this will potentially help increase our assessment base and bring in new tax dollars. As with any new program, we rely on feedback to make improvements if it isn’t .
  • land servicing – we need to get ready to confidently sell future development areas as an immediate opportunity, which means we might have to look at interim servicing opportunities. We’ll develop a servicing strategy in partnership with land developers and  Aquatera so we can see new areas fully serviced, and new residential, commercial, and large-scale industrial development underway.