Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

Taking Care of our Infrastructure

Currently, the maintenance and replacement of infrastructure is being done via stand-alone systems (like Road Matrix for roads) in a decentralized manner that misses the opportunity to prioritize in a systematic way. My priority is to support the work that has begun to modernize and improve data necessary to make good decisions with our tax dollars.

Two years ago, the City began a project to bring all assets under a centralized function that connects our financial and procurement systems via the Asset Management Plan. I’m committed to supporting this plan as it will:

  • maintain a centralized inventory of all city assets and their condition,
  • optimize the balance between new infrastructure and extending the life of existing infrastructure, and
  • maximize the life span of municipal assets by identifying the optimal times to inject funds based on the condition index of each asset.

I’m committed to further developing this approach, incorporating resources in those departments with significant assets (Transportation & Parks for linear assets, Facilities for vertical assets)