Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor


I’m very proud that taxes in this 4-year term have been kept at close to 0% with minimum impact on service levels, despite increasing inflation. We accomplished this by reducing service levels in low-priority areas, restructuring, and staff layoffs. Due to inflation and shifting priorities this trend isn’t sustainable, but I believe we can continue to do more with what we have and keep our budget within inflation - no additional increases.

With thorough community consultation, Council can be better equipped to allocate resources appropriately to meet the needs of our residents, prioritizing what is important for them, and re-allocating some resources from less critical areas.

Keeping budget changes in line with inflation will help ensure long-term fiscal sustainability by meeting real cost increases. We do more with the money we have through initiatives like:

  • Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) – ensuring that Administration prepares a budget that aligns with the needs of residents and Council’s strategic objectives. PBB ensures that investment is placed where Council and resident priorities lay, and that taxpayer dollars are being responsibly spent.
  • Lean Initiatives - City staff are empowered to identify enhancements that save money and improve processes, like our Collision Reporting Centre - paid for by private industry instead of City budget, efficient reporting of non-injury collisions at Eastlink Centre rather than the RCMP Detachment.

Adding new tax revenue through industrial development will reduce our reliance on the residential tax base.