Eunice Friesen  

for Mayor

Workforce Attraction

Businesses need happy, healthy employees who want to stay in Grande Prairie for years to come. I am committed to attracting a talented and skilled workforce to support our business community, the city, and the region as we grow over the coming years.

Action Plan

  • will start with the launch of a City-wide survey to determine what skills are currently lacking for key industries and businesses in the community; from restaurant workers to retail, from forestry to oil & gas. 
  • The next step will be to develop a program to interview representative sample groups of workers in those industries and businesses to hear directly from workers about the challenges of coming to Grande Prairie, and what would be the key factors that compel them to stay.
  • Having  1-1 conversations with key industry leaders and businesses will supplement and verify survey results.

Based on the data collected from the points above, we can develop and implement a plan to:

1. allocate resources if the City can help address those gaps.

2. advocate to the Provincial and Federal Governments for any program or resources needed, for those solution outside of the authority of the City.

3. collaborate with stakeholders on common needs to maximize the impact of our efforts.